Sep 23, 2013

the Greens & medical marijuana

On Sept. 17, 2013, Anthony Sabella (from did a report (both video & print) entitled Medical Marijuana Users Fight to Keep Infant Daughter. This report introduces us to Steve and Marie Green, who have lost custody of their six-month-old daughter Brielle because they use medical marijuana.
On Sept 20, 2013, Joe Khalil (from did a report (both video & print) entitled Medical Marijuana Caregiver Parents Denied Custody of Child. In this report, we learn that Steve & Marine Green have again been denied custody of their daughter, Brielle. They have, however, been granted unlimited visitation, so long as a third party supervises. Steve Green explains that the devices they use are similar to e-cigarettes & contain no cannabis.
On Sep 22, 2013, Lorne Fultonberg (from did a report (both video & print) entitled UPDATE: Child to Stay with Grandmother in Medical Marijuana Hearing. In the video, the Greens show where they lock up the marijuana, which is behind a door with two locks. Again, we are told that the Greens use devices similar to e-cigarettes & that contain no THC. Marine Green makes a good point when she states "We haven't had the trial yet. How can they substantiate the danger when there has been no trial?"