Jan 30, 2012

DCF worker accused of having sex with foster child already victimized by prostitution ring

 Lately, there have been news reports about a prostitution ring in run by four Florida men. The four men accused of running this ring are Willie Calvin Bivens, Anturrell Nathaniel Dean, Eric George Earle, and David Zarifi. These four Florida men who were arrested early Monday. What is disturbing is that, allegedly, this is a prostitution ring that preyed on foster children.
Now, sadly, Jean LaCroix, a Department of Children and Families Worker Allegedly Had Sexual Relationship With Teen Involved in Prostitution Ring. (Each of the above videos was found via this link.) If the allegations are true, they are beyond unacceptable.

Jan 26, 2012

A life lived in pain after her baby was taken

This video and the accompanying news story can be found at