Mar 27, 2013

Orphanage shut down amid child abuse allegations

According to Bridie Jabour, author of Orphanage shut down amid child abuse allegations, "A Cambodian orphanage run by a Queensland woman [Ruth Golder] has been shut down amid allegations of child abuse and human trafficking."

Mar 24, 2013

Two years after 3-year-old dies in foster care, murder case lingers

According to Ashley Rodrigue, author of Two years after 3-year-old dies in foster care, murder case lingers (& in the video below), "It’s been almost two years since 3-year-old Faith Saucier was beaten to death. ... Family members are beyond anxious to have someone held responsible." Who is the person accused of this crime?  It's Faith's foster father, Mark Johnson.

Mar 18, 2013

Richter guilty of endangering child’s welfare

I have an update on my last post: First day of child abuse trial ends. In his story - Richter guilty of endangering child's welfare - Bob Watson writes that "Shelley Richter is guilty of endangering the welfare of a child, a Cole County jury ruled late this afternoon. But that jury said she was not guilty of the more serious charge, felony child abuse."

It appears that Dr. John Plunkett was called as a witness for the defense. In the story, Dr. Plunkett is quoted as saying “You cannot create the force or acceleration needed to cause those injuries. ... It is much more likely that the fall caused the injuries.” And that is what Shelley Richter says happened to baby Lane Shaeffer that day.

Mar 12, 2013

First day of child abuse trial ends

This video & the written news story can be found at
In 2010, infant then-7-month-old Lane Shaeffer was allegedly injured while under the care of childminder Shelly Richter. According to Mark Slavit, news anchor and author of the above linked news story, "Richter said she dropped the baby on a concrete floor after tripping over another child at her home daycare, but prosecutors said that Lane's injuries were consistent with shaken baby syndrome."

Mar 4, 2013

Custody Fight: Allegations of Molestation

According to Martin Burns (Investigative Producer) and Gina Silva (Investigative Reporter) in Custody Fight: Allegations of Molestation, "They claim even a parent who reports child abuse by their spouse is often punished. Instead of the alleged abuser losing custody of the child, the reporting parents loses or has their custody rights curtailed."

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