links (websites)

Abuse Excuse
America's Wrongfully Convicted
American Family Advocacy Center
Arizona Family Rights Project
Children's Rights
Children Screaming to be Heard
Couragous Kids Network
Exonerating Jese Friedman
False Confessions 
(The) Family Defense Center
Family Rights Group
FASO (False Allegations Support Organization)
(The) Five Percenters
Forced Adoption
Forced Adoption Exposed
Free the Children Coalition

Home School Legal Defense Association
Ideal Maternity Home Survivors
Imaginary Crimes
Injustice Anywhere
Innocence Network
Innocence March (see Alan Gimenez, Suzanne JohnsonDolores Macias, & Joann Parks)
Innocence Project
Inquiry into Pediatric Forensic Pathology in Ontario
Inside Justice
International Medical Council on Vaccination
Institute for Psychological Therapies
JFM Research (
Justice Denied
Justice for Families Campaign Group
Justice For Parents & Children
Law Offices of Z. Bravos
Lifting the Veil
(The) Liz Library
MAMA (Mothers Against Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy  Allegations)
National Center for Reason & Justice
national child abuse defense & resource center
National Health Federation
National Parent's Organization
National Registry of Exonerations
National Vaccine Information Center & NVIC - Vaccine Ingredients Calculator
Parents Against Injustice (PAIN)
Parents & Carers Against Medical Injustice
Parental Rights
Parents Protecting Childrern
People Advocating Vaccine Education
Profitable Harm
Protecting Canadian Children
Safe Kids International
SBS Defense
Shaken Baby Syndrome on Neurowiki2012
Shaken Baby Syndrome Defense Attorney Mark Freeman
Shirleys Wellness Café (addresses SBS, among other things)
(The) Sociology Center
Truth In Justice
Think Twice
United Civil Rights Council of America
Unity Injustice
Vaccination Information Network *
Vaccination News
Vaccination Risk Awareness Network
Vaccine Liberation
Victims of the State
Viera Scheibner
Weightier Matter

* * *
Along with some of the links above,
the following are sites dedicated to those proclaiming their innocence.

Amanda Truth Project
AZ Quads

Brian Peixoto: Struggle for Innocence

(The) Bernard Baran Justice Committee
Chad Evans Wrongly Convicted Committee
Exonerating Jesse Friedman
(The) Fells Acres Scandal

Free Calise
Free Ernie Lopez
Free Jeffrey Harvard
Free Kelsey's Mom
Free Trenda
Four Lives Lost
I Was Falsely Accused!
Justice for Mike
Marsha Mills ... is innocent!
My Fight Against the Child Protective Services
(The) Pedro Family
Sally Clark
Save Lexi Dillon
SBS Project - Sean O'Geary
(The) Search for Truth
Truth for Alex
(The) Yurko Project

* * *
These sites are dedicated to specific families
who experience vaccine injury.

Ian's Voice

People Advocating Vaccine Education