Jun 28, 2013

State senator in sex-abuse inquiry

According to Mary K. Reinhart in State senator in sex-abuse inquiry, "Arizona Sen. Rick Murphy, a foster and adoptive parent who identifies himself as a leader on child-welfare issues, is under investigation by Peoria police and state Child Protective Services for allegations he sexually abused children in his care, according to police records."

Jun 25, 2013

Diane Fornbacher, Marijuana Activist, Got Visit From Child Protective Services After Son Discussed Hemp At School

To quote Diane Fornbacher, Marijuana Activist, Got Visit From Child Protective Services After Son Discussed Hemp At School:
Although marijuana may still be illegal in most states, moms and dads across the country are starting to voice their support for its use and legalization. Diane Fornbacher is the publisher of LadyBud magazine and has worked in marijuana advocacy for over 20 years. On HuffPost Live, she recounted how her son's mention of hemp at school led to a visit from Child Protective Services.

Jun 24, 2013

DHHS Dumps Family from Health Insurance Program, Young Girl Battling Rare Disorder

A young girl, Grace Meints has PHACE, which is a rare disease. Her mother, Jennifer Meints, has received a letter from Nebraska's DHHS, which states that they will no longer assist with insurance premiums. "What the letter means, in effect, is that the Meints family now has to pay their own private health insurance premiums, which Jennifer says will run around $1,400 a month."

Jun 23, 2013

re: Connie Fielding

Bill Windsor reports on Connie Fielding as she is released from a Mental Hospital
video posted on June 21, 2013

I have found Connie Fielding on FaceBook.


This is one of several posts sharing the work
of Bill Windsor of Lawless America.

Jun 22, 2013

Family court judge rules CPS cannot assume abuse when cause of injuries unknown (Video)

As Daniel Weaver states in Family court judge rules CPS cannot assume abuse when cause of injuries unknown (Video), "Suffolk County Family Court Judge, Emily M. Olshansky, has ruled that Child Protective Services cannot assume that a child's injuries were caused by abuse when no cause for the injuries can be determined."

Jun 21, 2013

Shaken-Baby Syndrome: Perspectives on a Controversial Diagnosis

Jun 20, 2013

Ohio woman accused of drugging children at daycare

In Ohio woman accused of drugging children at daycare, "Tammy Eppley is accused of drugging six children, ages two to five, including her own 2-year-old child," at a daycare she operated out of her home.

Jun 19, 2013

Teen at center of custody dispute runs away

In an update to my June 13th post, it appears that Anna Trumbo has run away.
The above video and accompanying news story can be found at

Jun 15, 2013

Woman sues New York City over false drug arrest

The information presented here is from
by Sarah Wallace                       

Jun 14, 2013

Parents say daughter legally kidnapped without their side heard

Dan Tilkin reports (in Parents say daughter legally kidnapped without their side heard) that Michael and Stacey Trumbo's daughter, Anna Trumbo, was placed in the non-parental custody of Anna's boyfriend's family, the Betscharts. It appears that Michael and Stacy are concerned, not just because the Betscharts got temporary custody of their daughter, but also because Anna's boyfriend "has to register as a sex offender for trying to do sexual acts with a 12-year-old girl."

Jun 13, 2013

Disappearance of 2-year-old from foster home hits 7 years

 as reported by Michelle Velez
Everlyse went missing June 10, 2006, from the home where she and her younger brother were living with foster parents, Vhee and Manuel Carrascal.
... Police say the couple stopped cooperating early into the investigation. They have remained the focus of the investigation but have never been named suspects.

Everlyse's biological parents, a couple from California who still had contact with the girl, sued the Carrascals and Clark County Department of Family Services in 2006, claiming negligence in supervising the child.

Jun 12, 2013

"Collateral Damage" episode of Flashpoint

The summary on imdb.com states:
A man escapes custody and takes hostage the coroner whose autopsy results stated his infant was shaken to death. Ed Lane leads the negotiation as the man demands the results be looked at by someone else in an effort to prove his innocence.

Jun 10, 2013

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly on Fox News - Baby Sammy and Auditing CPS

I have posted on this story on:
April 27, April 30, & May 4 (2013).

Jun 4, 2013

Father Suing CPS for Child's Death

CORPUS CHRISTI - The civil lawsuit in the beating death of a Corpus Christi toddler is one step closer to going to trial.  
Plaintiffs in the case are set to choose expert witnesses who they'll call to testify once the trial starts.  
You may remember, a jury convicted Juan Garza of capital murder for the death of his girlfriend's 21-month-old son back on New Year's Eve 2010. He's now serving life in prison. 
The child's mother, Lorraine Rodriguez, accepted a plea deal on a charge of murder in exchange for a 25 year sentence. 
The boy's father, Raul Ruiz, filed a lawsuit in federal court against Child Protective Services claiming his son would still be alive if they did their job.  
Ruiz claims he called state officials several times to let them know his son was in danger.

Jun 3, 2013

Raguet Child Care found negligent after boy left locked on bus in April