recommended news programs

Yes, most issues in the news are shared via blog post,
& are searchable with the "news" tag at right.
This section is reserved for news series/specials.

Believing The Children (Austin Chronicle)

Child Cases, The (Frontline, NPR, & ProPublica)

Child Exchange, The Reuters Investigates

Diagnosis Murder The Fifth Estate (CBC) Jan 13, 2012

Drugging Our Kids (Mercury News)
- pt 1
- pt 2
- pt 3
- pt 4
- pt 5

Failure to Protect (Frontline)

False Confessions (The Washington Post)

Innocence Lost (Frontline)

Native Foster Care (NPR)
Post Mortem: Death Investigation in America (Frontline, NPR, & ProPublica)

Secrets & Lies: Accused members and victims of Bakersfield child sex abuse rings. (Dateline NBC.) Oct 22, 2004.

Truth, Lies, & Confessions The National (CBC)

Vaccine War, The (Frontline)

Witch Hunt (NBC News) ~ also linked under Recommended Documentaries