Oct 31, 2013

Prisoners of Profit

Prisoners of Profit - pt 1
The Huffington Post

Prisoners of Profit - pt 2
The Huffington Post

Oct 30, 2013

Welton v. State of Arizona

According to the ACLU in Welton v. State of Arizona :
  • Zander Welton is a child with severe epilepsy. He had not been helped by two brain surgeries.
  • Zander holds a medical marijuana card, the application of which was approved by the Arizona Department of Health.
  • “[M]arijuana extract, in combination with dried marijuana, had reduced Zander's seizures dramatically, resulting in an unprecedented period of sustained relief.”
Despite all of the above, "law enforcement agencies, lead by Maricopa County Attorney William Montgomery, have indicated that they believe the AMMA does not allow patients like Zander to use marijuana extracts and that patients who do so will be criminally prosecuted."
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Oct 25, 2013 

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by Douglas Heaven
Sept 12, 2012

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by: Lee Romney
Sept 14, 2012

Oct 29, 2013

Lawmaker hosts town halls across the state to highlight CPS experiences

Several times in this past year
I have posted on the Nilolayev family (April 27, April 30, May 4, June 10, June 26)
& Tim Donnelly (June 10, June 11).
I have come across more news coverage featuring both.
This video and the accompanying news story can be found at

Oct 23, 2013

neurpathology for medical students

I have found Neuropathology for Medical Students (presented by William I. Rosenblum, MD) from the VCU Department of Pathology. The site offers the following chapters & sections.
Ch 1-Pathology of the Neuron and Its Processes - general review of the basic histopathology
Ch 2-Cytopathology of the Neuroglia - general review of basic histopathology
Ch 3-Cerebrovascular Disease: Pathology of Cerebral Infarction, Cerebral Hemorrhage and Cerebral Edema
Ch 4-Demyelinating diseases; Leukodystrophies; storage diseases of  either white matter or neurons.
one - Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis [ADE]
two - Multiple Sclerosis 
three - Leukodystrophies - some storage diseases, lysosomal & peroxisomal disorders
four - Neuronal Lipidoses - storage diseases involving principally neurons rather than white matter [more lysosomal disorders]
Ch 5-Infections of nervous system
one - General Features: Portals of Entry and Other General Information
two - Purulent infections - generally bacterial
three - Granulomatous infections - fungal, mycobacteria, treponema, etc.
four - Viral infections, Rickettsial Infections and Prion Diseases
Ch 6-Diseases of Basal Ganglia and Substantia Nigra - Parkinson's, Huntingtons
Ch 7-Developmental Disorders [congenital conditions]
Ch 8-Brain and Spinal Cord Trauma
Ch 9-Tumors of the Nervous System
one - Arising from Coverings of Brain, from Blood Vessels or Blood Cells
two - Arising from Cells of Brain Parenchyma
three - Metastatic Tumors
four - Arising from Intracranial Structures
Ch 10-Muscle Pathology
Ch 11-Dementias

Scenes of A Crime


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I became aware of this documentary via
by Sue Luttner

Oct 19, 2013

petitions related to Fox's "Lost in the System" series

I have an update on my Lost In the System posts.

There is a petition on change.org
Hold Congressional Oversight Hearings on the Failure of Family and Divorce Courts

& also one on causes.com
Stop Family Courts From Sending Children To Live With Their Abusers

Click here for more WACPR posts on the "Lost in the System" news series.
In addition, you can click here & here 
for links directly to Fox's "Lost In the System" series.

Oct 18, 2013

License to Harm: the unchecked problem of sexual misconduct by health-care professionals

I have just discovered a series - License to Harm -
that was done by The Seattle Times in 2006.
The biline for this series is
"[t]he unchecked problem of sexual misconduct by health-care professionls".

Oct 17, 2013

Former foster parent charged with sex assault

Colleen Schmidt reports (in Former foster parent charged with sex assault) that "[a]n Airdrie man [Rodney James Marcynuik, 39] is accused of sexually assaulting a youth who was once in his care and is now facing charges. ... Police say a man came forward in August 2013 with information and claimed he had been sexually abused while in a local foster home."
To view this news story (video & print), click here.

Oct 16, 2013

recommended books/movies

I have just added two more books to the books/movies section of this blog.
If you feel that I have missed anything or have any recommendations,
please comment below.

Oct 15, 2013

CPS Whistleblower Exposes CPS's Corruption, Kidnapping, and Drugging of Children.


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I follow Legally Kidnapped (their blog, as well as on Google+ and FaceBook),
which is how I became aware of this vide.

Oct 14, 2013

more PDF's

Please note that I have added more PDF's in the PDF section of this blog.
Hopefully they will be helpful.

Oct 13, 2013

Former foster parent of sexually abusing children

Jennifer Thomas & Mike Watkiss report (in Former foster parent of sexually abusing children) that "[a] Phoenix couple [Steven & Alma Holland] who were foster parents to approximately 15 kids have been arrested following a yearlong child molestation investigation."

Oct 9, 2013

Man testifies DCF failed to warn him about abusive past of child he took into home

In Man testifies DCF failed to warn him about abusive past of child he took into home, Jane Musgrave, a Palm Beach Post Staff Writer, reports that a family is suing DCF because they were not warned that the child they adopted may act out sexually. The adopted child went on to sexually assault their biological son.

To view this news story (video & print), click here.

Oct 7, 2013

SBS? premature health problems?

In reading the following two articles, I couldn't help but wonder: is it SBS, or health problems related to prematurity?
Des Moines Register
by Register staff & news services

The Health Wyze Report
by Sarah C. Corriher

Oct 4, 2013

Women wage campaign to impeach New Jersey judge

Women wage campaign to impeach New Jersey judge, "[a] group of women who say they've been discriminated against by a judge [Paul Escandon] in Monmouth County, New Jersey are now trying to get him impeached. They've filed a petition with the state assembly to have the judge removed."

Oct 2, 2013

False Abuse Reports Trouble Child Welfare Advocates

False Abuse Reports Trouble Child Welfare Advocates (via City Limits)
In some neighborhoods in this city, it’s not uncommon for people to file an allegation of child abuse or neglect to settle a grudge. In a meeting with City Limits, lawyers and social workers from The Bronx Defenders, which represents parents with…