Oct 23, 2013

neurpathology for medical students

I have found Neuropathology for Medical Students (presented by William I. Rosenblum, MD) from the VCU Department of Pathology. The site offers the following chapters & sections.
Ch 1-Pathology of the Neuron and Its Processes - general review of the basic histopathology
Ch 2-Cytopathology of the Neuroglia - general review of basic histopathology
Ch 3-Cerebrovascular Disease: Pathology of Cerebral Infarction, Cerebral Hemorrhage and Cerebral Edema
Ch 4-Demyelinating diseases; Leukodystrophies; storage diseases of  either white matter or neurons.
one - Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis [ADE]
two - Multiple Sclerosis 
three - Leukodystrophies - some storage diseases, lysosomal & peroxisomal disorders
four - Neuronal Lipidoses - storage diseases involving principally neurons rather than white matter [more lysosomal disorders]
Ch 5-Infections of nervous system
one - General Features: Portals of Entry and Other General Information
two - Purulent infections - generally bacterial
three - Granulomatous infections - fungal, mycobacteria, treponema, etc.
four - Viral infections, Rickettsial Infections and Prion Diseases
Ch 6-Diseases of Basal Ganglia and Substantia Nigra - Parkinson's, Huntingtons
Ch 7-Developmental Disorders [congenital conditions]
Ch 8-Brain and Spinal Cord Trauma
Ch 9-Tumors of the Nervous System
one - Arising from Coverings of Brain, from Blood Vessels or Blood Cells
two - Arising from Cells of Brain Parenchyma
three - Metastatic Tumors
four - Arising from Intracranial Structures
Ch 10-Muscle Pathology
Ch 11-Dementias