Jun 30, 2014

(Among others,) I am seeking these PDF's.

Among others, I am seeking these titles in PDF.
Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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A pitfall in the diagnosis of child abuse: external hydrocephalus, subdural hematoma, and retinal hemorrhages.
Neurosurgical Focus
Overrepresentation of males in traumatic brain injury of infancy and in infants with macrocephaly: further evidence that questions the existence of shaken baby syndrome.
The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology

more PDF's

Please note that I have found more PDF's
that may be useful for research.

I have added them to my collection,
which you can access HERE.

Jun 28, 2014

a long overdue post - links for June 2014

It has been some time since I have published a post here on WACPR. (I do welcome you to visit - & follow - WACPR on Scoop It, where I am able to post more frequently.  These will, however, generally not include videos, as it has been my "thing" to reserve video posts for this blog.) I have decided to begin sharing links via a monthly post instead of posting each video story as I discover it.Father pays outstanding child support, still gets jail time

published May 15, 2013 (updated Jul 23, 2013)

published Nov 29, 2013

published Dec 14, 2013 (updated Dec 15, 2013)

published Dec 16, 2013

published Dec 23, 2013 

Father pays outstanding child support, still gets jail time
published Jan 03, 2014 (updated  Jan 21, 2014)

published Jan 8, 2014

published Jan 9, 2014

published Jan 15, 2014

published Jan 16, 2014

published March 31, 2014

published May 6, 2014

Int'l Adoptions Down, Foster Care Interest Grows
published May 8, 2014

Foster parent guilty of child abuse
published May 8, 2014

Phantom Caseworkers On DSS County Roster
published May 9, 2014 

Mom petitions for Landry's law to protect breastfeeding babies
published May 14, 2014

Gov. Shumlin Concerned About Slow Investigation into DCF
published May 14, 2014

Biological parents never told what killed their son in foster care
published May 14, 2014 (updated May 16, 2014)

Teacher Allegedly Grabs Kindergarten Student's Face
published May 14, 2014 (published May 28, 2014)

Woman Accused of Starving Her Adopted Children
published May 15, 2014

Lawsuit against children's group home describes sex crimes
published May 16, 2014

Adoption Battle In Court
published May 16, 2014

Sisters separated by foster care reunited after 47 years
published May 18, 2014

13 investigates: overseas adoption dangers
published May 19, 2014

Birth mother speaks out in NAACP foster fight
published May 20, 2014

Relatives Get Paid Less to Foster Children Than Strangers Under California Policy
published May 20, 2014

Foster mom can’t believe day care shoe throwing incident
published May 29, 2014

AZ Week: Foster Parents, Child Advocates Demand Better System
published May 30, 2014

published June 13, 2014

DCF change allows names removed from abuse registry
published June 17, 2014

published June 18, 2014 (updated June 19, 2014)

20 kids removed from children's home
published May 22, 2014

published June 24, 2014

Hundreds voice concerns about CPS at Capitol
published June 25, 2014

Ex-OC PE Teacher Who Molested At Least 17 Students Set To Be Released
published June 26, 2014

published June 26, 2014

published June 27, 2014

published June 28, 2014