Jan 16, 2014

Suspension at foster care agency creates overflow issues at others

In Suspension at foster care agency creates overflow issues at others it is reported that "Lutheran Social Services of the South is no longer allowed to place children in any of their 57 Austin foster homes after an 11-month-old baby girl died in October." The infant girl was killed by her foster mother's boyfriend, Jacob Salas. Apparently, the "foster mother had been lying to case workers about her boyfriend ... living in her Cedar Park home."
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Jan 14, 2014

Lawsuit: WA failed to protect starved, beaten Vancouver kids

State records cited by the attorneys in the claim show that the DSHS office in Vancouver received at least 26 warnings about abuse and neglect of the children over an eight-year period, yet social workers did little to nothing to investigate.  
The public tips to CPS, known as referrals, were either taken as “information only,” or when they were investigated, the social workers deemed them “unfounded” or “inconclusive." At no point did CPS employees forward the allegations of abuse and neglect to local law enforcement.

Jan 13, 2014

Jan 12, 2014

Family Feels They're Victims of Social Workers Strike

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Cary mom faces sex charges

Ed Crump reports [Cary mom faces sex charges] that "[a] Cary mom was arrested and is accused of having sex with a minor in her care. The victim is a teenage boy who was under the care of 30-year-old Crystal Ritter, but police say he is not her biological child."

Lakeland DCF investigator, Jason Montgomery, arrested for sexually battering mother from assigned case


Mother sues Batshaw after case worker impregnates her

According to Rachel Lau, in Mother sues Batshaw after case worker impregnates her, "[a] Montreal woman, whose identity cannot be revealed because her two youngest children are protected under the Youth Protection Act, is suing Batshaw Youth and Family Centres for half a million dollars after her case worker got her pregnant. ... She said that she was desperate to get her baby back."

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