Mar 6, 2012

Jan. 3, 2012 - testimony before the South Central Legislative Delegation

Below are several videos of testimony of individuals before the South Central Legislative Delegation. You can find more on YouTube at CHANGINGKANSAS's channel.

Wendell Turner spoke Jan. 3, 2012 before the South Central Legislative Delegation. Rick Pendland who worked for Youthville was also a sponsored foster parent, former school teacher and he worked at the Wichita Children's Home. Pendland, who now sits in the Cowley County Jail for allegedly raping multiple children, wanted to be the foster placement for Wendell Turner's grandchildren.

Jan. 3, 2012. Larry spoke before the South Central Legislative Delegation. Larry lost custody of his daughter after reporting that his child was being abused. Larry tried to file a motion in Sedgwick County Juvenile Court to be heard and was denied. The real question is why aren't children being protected in Sedgwick County? Why is the Sedgwick County DA's office filing false petitions against protective parents to remove children from from their custody and then recommend that those children be placed in the homes of their abusers?

Jan. 3, 2012, Donna Roberts, ACRA, A Childs Rights Association, spoke before the South Central Legislative Delegation. Donna Roberts' concern is regarding the sexual abuse of children in Sedgwick County and the coverup by professionals, law enforcement, SRS, therapists, and how the Judges are failing these children. Donna said that Kansas needs a major investigation by the feds and the people who have covered up the abuse of these children need to be prosecuted.
The bottom line is that sexual abuse is a crime and it is being covered up in Sedgwick County.

Jan. 3, 2012, Marlene Jones spoke before the South Central Legislative Delegation. Marlene has been coming to the legislative forums for several years and speaking on the wrongful removal and failure to reunify the children with the parent. Last year the citizens were told there was going to be a new committee to address these issues and that didn't happen. Marlene requested that the legislators support and cosponser the protective parent act that will be reintroduced this year as protective parents are losing custody of their children after reporting abuse.

Jan 3, 2012, Protective Parent Valerie spoke on the wrongful removal of her children and how the state gave custody of her children to their abuser. Wichita Children's Home reported three times to EMCU and SRS that the children were being abused. The system has reinforced and helped the abuser retain custody of the children. Valerie's parental rights were severed for reporting what her children told her and professionals.

Mar 1, 2012

Couple denies abusing son as they battle state for custody

According to Emily Sinovic, author of Couple denies abusing son as they battle state for custody, "The state [of Oregon] took custody of Linda and Daniel Dossey's baby boy, Joss, after the couple brought him in with a fever in November and say doctors found what appeared to be fractures in the child's leg and ribs. But the couple says their son has a medical condition called neonatal rickets."
It appears that doctors accused this couple of shaking their child. Even though the Dossey's say there isn't proof of abuse,  their son is in foster care and they are required to get psychological evaluations.
To quote Linda Dossey ""You're innocent until proven guilty. We know we didn’t do anything, this will be easy, and then know that it's not really that easy".