Apr 16, 2013

Iota Family Fighting For New Legislation After Misdiagnosis Forces Call To Child Services

Life changed forever for the Spaetgens family, when they found their infant daughter, Callie, unresponsive in October 2011. She died four days later of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Out of that tragedy, the family suffered even more heartbreak. Their other two children … were taken away from them.  
When a doctor at the hospital first examined Callie, he suspected abuse and reported it to child protective services. A second doctor's opinion found no signs of abuse but because of the first report, the damage was already done. … The second doctor's examination found evidence Callie died after reacting to a medication. The reaction caused her to have renal hemorrhaging, which is also a sign of shaken baby syndrome.  
District 25 State Senator Dan Morrish has filed a bill to keep this from happening to other families. The legislation will require a third opinion if two initial examinations don't agree.