Sep 7, 2012

Parents Wrongly Accused of Child Abuse Struggle to Get Kids Back

While this blog generally features news videos (or links to news articles with videos) or documentaries, there is a piece on The Daily Beast that I feel is worth sharing. I will share a quote from Parents Wrongly Accused of Child Abuse Struggle to Get Kids Back, which shows why I think that this is an important post. 
Most people hear about the failure of child-protective services only when they don’t act fast enough and children die. But the opposite problem—when children are removed from their homes in error—rarely makes the news, even though it happens startlingly often.

This is the issue. While they sadly are a necessary service, they often "get it wrong." Mistakes can be made, either in returning a child to an abusive situation (or never intervene adequately - if at all - in the first place), or they wrongly remove a child from a safe home. Either way, the child is traumatized.