Oct 31, 2014

links for Oct 2014

As I mentioned in June 2014, I have decided to begin sharing links via a monthly post instead of posting each video story as I discover it. (I do welcome you to visit - & follow - WACPR on Scoop It, which will include links to news articles without videos.)

Henrico teen beaten at school, charged with assault
Sept 30, 2014 (updated Oct 1, 2014)


Local foster family forced to give up child in custody battle
Oct 3, 2014

West Virginia high school yearbook deems special-needs student ‘most likely to disappear’ 
Oct 7, 2014

Community leaders launch effort to overhaul child welfare system
Oct 7, 2014

N.S. to formally apologize to former Home for Colored Children residents
Oct 8, 2014

Oct 14, 2014

Tribunal into Ottawa’s handling of First Nations kids nearing its end after 7 years
Oct 15, 2014

Erie County CPS Hires Retired Police to Fight Rising Caseloads
Oct 15, 2014

N.W.T. child services to work to support families
Oct 16, 2014

Girl donates hair to kids with cancer, gets bullied for looking like a boy
Oct 17, 2014

Officials: Woman exchanged DSS info on children for cash, gifts
Oct 21, 2014

Lubbock Woman Kicked Out of UMC for Breastfeeding Child in Waiting Room
Oct 23, 2013

Grassroots Effort To Fight Medical Kidnapping Of Baby Kathryn By UMC Children’s Hospital And CPS In Texas 
Oct 26, 2014 

Parents locked in custody battle after doctor at Children’s Mercy Hospital suspects abuse
Oct 28, 2014

Mother cleared of poisoning daughter after taking her to Belgium for treatment says case should be landmark ruling for parents who want to seek help outside of the NHS
Oct 31, 2014