Sep 30, 2014

links for Sept 2014

As I mentioned in June 2014, I have decided to begin sharing links via a monthly post instead of posting each video story as I discover it. (I do welcome you to visit - & follow - WACPR on Scoop It, which will include links to news articles without videos.)

Adoptive Barahona Sister Sues Department of Children and Families
September 16, 2014

Sask. Children’s Advocate probes another foster care death | Video
September 17, 2014

Mother grieving for one son, fighting for another
September 17, 2014

Mount Dora facility being sued on child abuse claims
September 17, 2014

NT victims say 'house parents abused us'
September 22, 2014

Sisters separated by foster care reunited after 47 years
September 23, 2014

Child abuse claims not our responsibility: home carer
September 24, 2014

'I'll never get those birthdays back'
September 25, 2014