Aug 9, 2014

please help

In May 2002, my son was taken to the hospital in a state of status epilepticus. He was placed into a barbiturate coma. A scan showed a subdural hematoma. Hospital staff felt that he had been a victim of shaken baby syndrome.

My son's father and I passed two polygraph examinations each: one administered privately, one administered by the sheriff department. My father, mother, and sister all passed a privately administered polygraph examination.

No one was ever convicted.

I need to know what happened to my son.

1) Was he abused? If so, who did it?

2) If he was not abused (as some recent research suggests that human shaking alone cannot cause the force to induce a subdural hematoma, especially without first harming the neck), what was the cause of his subdural hematoma?

To answer these questions, I will need the assistance of (at least) two or three medical professionals and a private detective. Please help me raise money to do so. Thank you.