Feb 8, 2013

Death row inmate among many challenging pathologist's findings

 Jeff Havard has been convicted of murder of infant Chloe Britt. He is on death row for his alleged role in the infant's death.
I would like to directly quote the article,
Former state Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz said Hayne's testimony that Havard shook the baby to death went unchallenged because the public defender couldn't afford a second exam.
"He was denied the use of his own expert in that case, but they allowed the state to proffer Dr. Hayne as an expert for the state," said Diaz, who served on the Mississippi Supreme Court from 2000 to 2008.
Diaz was one of two justices who voted to throw out Havard's conviction in a 2006 appeal. But in the end, the majority of the high court upheld the death sentence.
"I think there probably are people in prison who have not committed the crime they're convicted of committing," Diaz said.