Apr 29, 2010

Child Starves as Foster Home Banks Cash

In this tragic story, a Michigan mother simply wanted help caring for her wheel-chair bound son. When she asked the state for assistance, their answer was to put him in a foster care facility. This 10-year-old boy would starve to death under the care of this foster care facility, which was making $12,000 per month to care for him.

This story, by Channel 7 Action News, has three videos which go along with a written story. The link to these is: http://www.wxyz.com/news/story/Child-Starves-as-Foster-Home-Banks-Cash/33RT8FVT1k6QZ7-xNruADQ.cspx

(When I tried accessing this story on 8-12-2012, the link was no longer working.)